2017 Annual Meeting Recap 

On September 23, 2017, the FAFNM Annual Meeting was held at the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Several important things occurred during the meeting. 

Jim Riggs received the 2017 Distinguished Member Award for his years of service to the Friends. 

Four members were recognized for their service hours: Marie Davis and Shelley Rasmussen for 100 hours, Larry Kraft for 250 hours, and Mike Hoogendyk for both 500 and 750 hours. 

The BLM presented on the Brooklyn Complex Fire. The focus of the presentation was how different agencies and concerns were brought together to put out the fire and reduce damage to natural and cultural resources. Monument Manager Ron Tipton introduced the presentation, Rob Roy Williams (BLM) discussed coordinating fire fighting efforts, BLM biologist Paul Sitzmann discussed biological resource management, BLM resource specialist Tim Lyons discussed the resource management, such as mitigating cattle loss, Andy Casillas (Tonto NF Supervisory Soil Scientist) discussed the efforts of the BAER team to reduce post fire erosion and damage, and BLM archaeologists Chris McLaughlin and Tim Watkins discussed the protection of cultural resources.

FAFNM Treasurer Jim Riggs presented the FY2018 FAFNM budget. The budget was accepted by the membership present without revision.

Finally, Board member and officer elections were held. Open positions were President, Vice President, and two Director-at-large. No nominations for President or Vice President were given and those officer positions were not filled. Bob Cothern and Sarah Striker were nominated and elected to the Director-at-large positions.

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